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A question of balance: Steven Wilson and Aviv Geffen's Blackfield is back

The collaboration between Steven Wilson and Aviv Geffen looked like it was over in 2014 when Wilson announced he was leaving it behind. But now, Blackfield are back with album number five...

Blackfield, the band comprising prog Übermensch Steven Wilson and Israeli musician Aviv Geffen, have reconvened four years after their last release to make a majestic, widescreen, lushly uplifting album about being resigned to the notion that they will never achieve their goals. Geffen is in a London hotel room talking to Prog, while his nine-year-old son Dylan plays in the background_._

“It’s about both our lives,” he says of himself and Wilson, casting a glance over his career and his early days as an inflammatory rock politico, who emerged 20 years ago as an agent of change, not to mention an outspoken, even outrageous character in his somewhat conformist home country.

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