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Frogs, wizards and lots of drugs: Welcome to the weird world of the Flaming Lips

Inspired by everything from Clockwork Orange to drug-fuelled psycho parties, welcome to the wild and wonderful world of The Flaming Lips. Wayne Coyne takes us down into the rabbit hole

Wayne Coyne is in a distinctly Wayne Coyne-ish mood. That is to say, playful and prone to mercurial flights of fancy that Lewis Carroll might consider far-fetched. A mood that might find him at any moment discussing the proximity of his band The Flaming Lips’ latest music, as featured on 15th album Oczy Mlody, to the sound of rapper A$AP Rocky and original psychedelicat Syd Barrett “getting trapped in a fairytale from the future”, or perhaps detailing the various possible meanings of the LP title. One suggestion is that it’s the name of “the current cool powerful party drug of choice”, designed to “send you into the deepest slumber during which you’re able to sleep off withdrawals and cravings and wake up sober”. And all these decadent shenanigans are meant to take place inside “a gated community that has been made into a replicant fantasy city where the mega-mega rich folks live and have self-indulgent psycho parties where everyone takes the drug and has sex followed by painful emotional therapy sessions where every primal desire is allowed and encouraged while riding unicorns”. And that’s not even mentioning the frogs and wizards…

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