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Nick Beggs: "The gloves are off. The new album is rant city all the way"

He’s known as one of prog’s premier bassists, but when Nick Beggs is in the driver’s seat as the frontman of The Mute Gods, he the freedom to speak his mind. And boy, does he have a lot to say

At first glance, the tardigrade looks like the stuff of David Attenborough’s nightmares. An eight-legged ‘micro-animal’ measuring around half a millimetre long and resembling a malevolent Doctor Who alien crossed with a hoover bag, they’re ugly critters.

In reality, tardigrades are among the most remarkable creatures on this planet. Almost supernaturally resilient, they can successfully exist anywhere, from the wastes of the Antarctic to the deepest ocean trenches. They were even found on the outside of the International Space Station, making them the only other species alongside humans to live in space. Come a nuclear war, it won’t be the cockroaches or Keith Richards that survive – it will be the tardigrades.

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From the archive


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