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The Outer Limits: How prog are Wardruna?

They make their own instruments out of animal skins, base their songs on ancient runes and create a contemporary Nordic folk sound. We’re here to ask: How prog are Wardruna?

As Prog sits down with Einar Selvik and Lindy-Fay Hella before their Norwegian musical project, Wardruna, play the first of two sold-out nights at London’s spectacular Union Chapel, we notice that the frontman and founder of the band is clutching a Yes mug. When the inevitable “Are Wardruna prog?” question is dropped, Selvik points at the mug with a cheeky grin before stating firmly: “Absolutely.”

Wardruna may not be on every prog fan’s radar, but they should be. The Norwegian band produce a primal yet beautiful blend of dark ambience and Norse folk with strong ties to the historical and natural world. Since their inception they have won over music fans of all genres, selling out shows far beyond their native land. Wardruna may have originally begun as a project to bring Norwegian history back to life, but over time they have become something deeper, something that, for many, is akin to a spiritual experience.

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