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Anarchy in the UK: Walter Lure looks back on life as a Heartbreaker

The Pistols may have had the filth and the fury, but it was The Heartbreakers who threw the sex, drugs and rock’n’roll into the the punk storm. Guitarist Walter Lure recalls their early days

The Heartbreakers had no idea what was coming. They were up in the air, on a plane bound for London from New York, when the Sex Pistols dropped the F-bomb on prime-time TV. This was their infamous potty-mouthed exchange with Bill Grundy, belligerent host of the Today show. The switchboards were still flashing when The Heartbreakers touched down.

Walter Lure remembers that night well. “Malcolm McLaren and Sophie [Richmond], his second in command, picked us up at the airport in the limo,” says The Heartbreakers’ then-guitarist, recalling the events of December 1, 1976. “Malcolm’s eyes were twirling around like he’d been knocked on the head with a hammer. He was going: ‘Oh my God, this crazy TV show’s just happened and the newswires are going nuts!’


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