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They've been written off, broken up, reunited. Now Thunder want even more…

Having come back strongly in 2015 with Wonder Days, new album Rip It Up sees Thunder raise the bar even higher. Danny Bowes explains how they managed to do just that…

Luke Morley is unwell. For as many years as singer Danny Bowes can remember, Thunder’s guitarist and songwriter won’t be joining the band today as they run through a short acoustic set to promote their latest album, Rip It Up, at the HMV store in Cardiff. And while flu has done for a hacking, rheumy-eyed Morley, the rest of Thunder are in rude health.

The band most likely to; written off; broken down; reunited. Thunder have been all things to all people for the better part of 27 years. Two years ago they achieved something of a fait accompli with their commercially and critically acclaimed album Wonder Days. It was the familiar Thunder blueprint writ large: rousing, larger-than-life good times that were occasionally tempered by rueful reminiscing and the thrum of an acoustic guitar. It’s not to belittle Thunder to say they were doing what they do best.

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