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The best new metal albums you can buy this week

Looking to get some new sounds in your ears? Check out these new metal album releases, all freshly available this week

Danko Jones - Wild Cat

"Like other laser-sighted members of rock’s repetition hall of fame – think AC/DC, Motörhead, Accept, even Slayer – Canada’s Mocha Moses has been juggling the same handful of chords and subject matter over the course of his career, but done enough tweaking to keep the beer drinkers and hellraisers happy and balls-deep in sown wild oats." Read the full review here.

Vitja - Digital Love

"Energetic, batty and highly catchy, Vitja’s new album marks a departure from the Germans’ earlier work. Even powerful opener SCUM, which features guests Sushi and Kevin from Eskimo Callboy, isn’t a complete indicator of their new direction." Read the full review here.

Within The Ruins - Halfway Human

"Within The Ruins were keen to distance themselves from the oft-maligned deathcore genre with the release of 2014 EP Phenomena, preferring to explore sonic textures and showmanship over mere complacency. The four-piece have rewritten their own rulebook with Halfway Human and crafted a feverishly raw sound that defies simple categorisation." Read the full review here.

Our Hollow, Our Home - Hartsick

"Our Hollow, Our Home certainly know how to make an entrance. Their debut full-length kicks off with the dark, deathcore-tinged intro The Sea Will Sleep, all gutteral roars and slick, full production, before giving way to Loneshark’s squealing opening riff." Read the full review here.

Dread Sovereign - For Doom The Bell Tolls

"Something of an underground supergroup, the trio are Primordial frontman Alan ‘Nemtheanga’ Averill and Wizards Of Firetop Mountain guitarist Bones plus new recruit Johnny King from Altar Of Plagues, and they describe the cheekily titled For Doom The Bell Tolls as a record that’s “about as live as you can get”." Read the full review here.

Svart Crown - Abreaction

"Now on album four, and their first for Century Media, French metal meddlers Svart Crown have, in the past, been compared to fellow countrymen Deathspell Omega. The grinding, blink-and-you’ll-get-stabbed death metal remains, yet Abreaction is a cut, hack and slash above." Read the full review here.

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