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Feuer Frei! How Rammstein's fearless spirit made their best live movie yet

As the Teutonic titans release Rammstein: Paris, their biggest concert movie yet, director and metalhead Jonas Åkerlund takes us right into the heat of the action

Rammstein and Jonas Åkerlund was always going to be a marriage made in heaven – if heaven was filled with pyrotechnics, explosions and prosthetic cocks, that is.

Just look at the evidence. Rammstein have spent their career raising the bar on what a band can do onstage. The German six-piece’s live performances aren’t so much gigs as modern warfare set to music – an audio-visual blitzkrieg that’s part Hollywood blockbuster, part military display, part Dante’s Inferno.

Their live MO has always been simple: no stunt is off-limits, no buttons should remain unpushed, no eyebrows should be left unsinged. The stage props they’ve used over the years tell you all you need to know, from the spark shooters and flaming metal coats of their early gigs to the gigantic, fire-shooting angel wings and the ridiculously over-the-top cannibal cook-pot stunt – in which frontman Till Lindemann ‘boils’ keyboard player Flake Lorenz alive.

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