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Studio Report: Amenra working on Mass VI

Step inside the recording studio with Amenra as they work on new album Mass VI

Belgian post-metal warlords Amenra recently put the finishing touches to their sixth full-length Mass VI, and they invited Metal Hammer inside for a sneak peek. Working out of Manufacture de Malmedy studios, the band enlisted producer Billy Anderson for the ride, following his work on the band's 2012 album Mass V, "He was the first one to be able to come close to our live sound," says vocalist Colin H. van Eeckhout.

The band were forced to shut themselves in the studio following a snowstorm, withdrawing from the burden of daily life.

"Recording is always a difficult process for us," Colin tells Hammer. "You put a theoretical end to a creative process, and to me it feels like you have to let go, like a child wandering off into the world. Writing Mass VI was a tough nut to crack, as always with Amenra. We need time in between the albums to become grounded again. We look for the essence."

Photographer Stefaan Temmerman was there to capture this essence in the pictures below, accompanied by narration from Colin himself.

Mass VI is due for release later this year via Neurot Recordings.

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