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Armored Saint's John Bush: "I don't regret turning down Metallica"

LA veterans Armored Saint never made it big, but they’ve always flown the flag for heavy metal. As they hit the UK, John Bush explains why they’re having the time of their lives

"I got a call from Jonny Z, who was the manager of Metallica at the time, and he said they wanted me to sing with them,” remembers John Bush, ex-Anthrax singer and frontman with US metal veterans Armored Saint. “Do I regret turning that down? What I always tell people is that Armored Saint was developing and we were doing well, and these guys were my buddies, you know? Metallica were doing well, but it wasn’t like it was Metallica in 1987. It was a few years before that. So, I didn’t want to leave my band. I liked them and I still do!”

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