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Getting to know Ghost: The Swedish ghouls answer your questions

Keen to break through the mystique of our favourite Swedish clergymen, we kidnapped a Nameless Ghoul and interrogated him with your questions. The answers were most enlightening...

We’ll be honest: when we invited you lot to pitch questions at Ghost ahead of their imminent UK tour, we knew we were potentially letting our favourite spooks in for a world of pain. But, true to form, you did us proud, throwing us questions on everything from album themes to future Papas to, erm, lingerie. Alright, we never said it was all plain sailing. Answering in hushed tones but with good humour over a crackling phoneline, here’s what A Nameless Ghoul had to say when he was forced to face the wrath of the Hammer Army...

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From the archive

From the archive


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