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Fresh Meat: The three best new bands from metal's undergound

Hetroertzen, Haxxan and Venenum: Meet your new favourite bands


Chilean exiles make an organic offering

Hetroertzen have undertaken an unusual journey – geographically as well as musically speaking. Though formed in Chile back in 1997 under the name Hhahda, the occult black metal outfit ultimately relocated to the rather different climes of Sweden, a decision that’s allowed them to progress and raise their profile considerably – a point underlined by their signing to sizeable French label Listenable.

“We got tired of our country,” explains founder Frater D, who handles drums and, until very recently, vocals. “There weren’t the possibilities we were looking for, everything was much more difficult and complicated. We chose Sweden because we were influenced back then by the mythology, the Vikings and by many Swedish bands. The European culture attracted us so much that in the end we felt that we were born in the wrong place.”

Who are they?

LINEUP: Killjoy (vocals), Shawn Slusarek (guitar), Jake Arnett (bass), Serge Streltsov (drums)

SOUNDS LIKE: Grotesque, doom-driven BM.

FOR FANS OF: Beherit, Archgoat, Candlemass


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