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Just how metal is Firewind's Gus G?

Every month, we pit your heroes against our metal test. Next up, Firewind shredder Gus G...

What’s the most illegal thing you’ve ever done?

“I stole a guitar pickup from a store when I was 15. Don’t read this and think it’s cool – it isn’t! I’m not a thief, I’ve never stolen anything else in my life, but I really wanted this expensive DiMarzio pickup for my Fender Stratocaster because Joe Satriani had it. I planned it all – I wore my dad’s baggy sweatpants so I could hide it and went in on a quiet morning. I put it in my pocket and I started breathing so fast and I got cold sweats when I left. My parents found out a few months later and I got a real bollocking for it. I still have the pickup. I thought about returning it but the store closed… I wonder why! ”

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