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Geoff Downes remembers his late friend John Wetton

John Wetton’s Asia colleague and close comrade Geoff Downes pays tribute to his life and work

For Geoff Downes, the loss of John Wetton goes beyond their professional relationship.

“We were very close for so long, and so his death is a big blow for me. Listening recently to many songs with which he was associated over the years has made me realise what an amazing and diverse career he had. I count myself fortunate to have been able to work with him over such a lengthy period of time.”

Downes and Wetton first met in early 1981, in the London office of Asia manager Brian Lane.

“We just got chatting there. Obviously, I knew about John because by then he’d already had such an illustrious career with bands like King Crimson and UK. But from the start, we naturally clicked. You see, for all his involvement with sophisticated progressive rock bands, at heart John was very much a song-oriented musician. Pet Sounds was his favourite album. And I was also all about the songs. Yes, I came from a more pop background, but we immediately recognised we had like minds.”

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