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How family tragedy fuelled Mastodon's proggiest-ever album

A family tragedy fuelled the creative fires behind Mastodon’s seventh album Emperor Of Sand. Prog meets the band to discuss their proggiest release since Crack The Skye

He’s out there somewhere, a lone figure in the middle of the desert. He doesn’t know how to go forward and he can’t go back. Eddies of sand swirl up around him until he disappears out of sight and becomes part of the landscape, a speck of sand among the endless swell of dunes. The sun’s almost at its highest and there’s no water and no shade. Then, at the periphery of his vision, something moves on the horizon. He shades his eyes to make out the figure that’s approaching. His skin suddenly prickles, turning cold in the sweltering heat. Run, he thinks, but to where? The desert reaches out forever until it falls into the sky. And then the shadow’s longer and almost upon him.

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