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Bittersweet Symphonies: Alan Reed guides Prog through his new album

Personal tensions, the dark side of the media and the threat of terrorism: there are many topics covered in Alan Reed’s new solo release. Plus a whole horde of special guests...

Last night, there was a rally outside Downing Street, with thousands converging on Whitehall to protest against President Trump and his travel ban. Alan Reed was there in his professional capacity. In his extra-musical life he’s a Senior Home Affairs Producer for the BBC, running a specialist unit of correspondents covering policing, prisons, terrorism and paedophile cases. “All the happy stuff,” he deadpans as we meet the day after. “As we say in our unit, we don’t do ‘And finally…’ It’s hard work, there’s lots of stuff in your head at all times, but it’s very rewarding. I compartmentalise everything, the work and music are separate things.”


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