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Forward thinkers: Why Disperse are forgoing djent to focus on prog

They began as part of the djent explosion, but now Disperse are embracing the prog world full-on with their genuinely unique and mind-bending sound

“I’m not going to lie to you. I never say never, but I don’t think we’ll ever be that metal band again…”

If it’s progress you crave, then the djent phenomenon of the last decade must surely rank as one of the most striking and innovative developments in guitar-based music. Thanks to the sterling efforts of TesseracT, Periphery and numerous others, this new style has redefined the term ‘prog metal’, perhaps forevermore. But like any young scene, the djent (or ‘tech metal’) fraternity seem to have reached a creative impasse in recent times. As a result, the new album from Poland’s Disperse deserves to be regarded as a major milestone. Having grabbed people’s attention with their plainly djent-inspired 2013 second album Living Mirrors, the band formed by guitarist wunderkind Jakub Zytecki and vocalist/keyboard maestro Rafał Biernacki nearly a decade ago are about to hurl themselves into pure prog waters with a new album, Foreword, that eschews the post-Meshuggah riffing of the Poles’ peers in favour of an extraordinarily rich and wildly imaginative new sound. As Zytecki explains, Foreword represents a total rebirth for Disperse.

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