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Magenta's Rob Reed: "I had dig deep to find something new to say"

After four years, Magenta are back! Robert Reed and Christina Booth explain why it took so long, the obstacles that stood in their way, and the sci-fi story behind their new album

“ You can sometimes wake up in the morning and think, ‘I can’t be arsed,’” declares Magenta’s Rob Reed with an unexpected and startling honesty. “I was suffering from writer’s block. I reached a point where I thought, ‘I’ll just make a record for myself and won’t care if people hate it.’”

Such creative toils are commonplace with many musicians, but with Magenta last releasing an album four years ago (2013’s The Twenty Seven Club), there could be a perception that Reed would have stored away countless musical ideas, ready to return when the timing was right. But as he explains, aside from that persistent and debilitating writer’s block, he was determined to ensure that he had something fresh to release, rather than repeat the past.

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