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Richard Barbieri gives us a behind-the-scenes look at his musical methods

From topping charts with Japan in the 1980s to years working with Porcupine Tree, Richard Barbieri has had quite the career. With his new third solo album out now, we glance back over his CV

Given the widescreen nature of his new solo album Planets + Persona, you might expect self-confessed movie buff Richard Barbieri to be an enthusiastic fan of film soundtracks. With yearning melodies, terse crescendos, percolating beats and haunting, jazzy reveries, the album builds from a series of arresting sequences and intriguing cameos into a work of style and substance. There’s even a musical homage to the Charles Laughton-directed The Night Of The Hunter, a 1955 film noir movie starring Robert Mitchum, which Barbieri first saw as a youngster. Yet despite such filmic connections he’s more impressed by what he hears on television these days. “I rarely like movie soundtracks, to be honest. A lot of the really interesting things are on these TV dramas. You listen to the music and it’s really interesting, really nice sound design.”

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