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Heavy rotation: What Classic Rock have been listening to this month

Biters, Body Count and Royal Thunder are among Classic Rock's most-spun this month

1) Vulture City - Biters

Part Sharp Dressed Man by ZZ Top, several parts teen idol fearlessness, Vulture City is the song to soundtrack quitting your job, taking up motorbiking, going on an overdue holiday and generally sticking two fingers up to The Man. Coming from these Atlanta upstarts, who delighted us with the gleefully nostalgic Electric Blood in 2015, we expected nothing less.

2) No Lives Matter - Body Count

Back in full effect, Ice-T’s metal crew have never sounded sharper, angrier, more driven or inspired. Reacting to the diluting ‘all lives’ rhetoric that’s been applied to Black Lives Matter by the forces of international liberalism, here’s the glorious, undeniable sound of self-righteous fury.

3) Meadowland - Big Big Train

The upwardly mobile prog-rockers were completing the mix of this beautiful pastoral piece when they learned of the death of John Wetton, a big supporter of their band. Taken from the forthcoming album, Grimspound, Meadowland does Wetton’s memory proud.

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