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It's a long way to the top: What's next for Brian Johnson?

We look back at Beano’s career, from life as a skint car roofer to stepping into the huge shoes of Bon Scott to what happens next

Ian Jeffery was worried. AC/DC’s normally unflappable tour manager had been tasked with co-ordinating auditions to find the band a new vocalist following the tragic death of Bon Scott, and he was all too aware of Malcolm and Angus Young’s mounting frustration as one singer after another left London’s Vanilla Studios without having made an impression. Heavy Metal Kids frontman Gary Holton, Back Street Crawler vocalist Terry Slesser and former Rick Wakeman sideman Gary Pickford-Hopkins had seemed like promising options, but in the spartan Pimlico rehearsal facility where The Clash had written their London Calling album the previous year, each of those singer’s limitations had been harshly exposed.

From the archive

From the archive

From the archive


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