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Mike Rutherford: "I was beaten for playing Sgt Pepper"

Mike Rutherford talks Genesis, school, guns and women in America, trips of both kinds, and being “from Mars”

This reminds me of the old days, being on the road, supporting Lindisfarne,” reminisces Mike Rutherford. He’s gazing out of his hotel window at a grey, rainy Newcastle, where tonight he will perform with his band Mike + The Mechanics, who are currently touring their new album Let Me Fly.

It’s probably not really that much like the old days. Since then Rutherford has sold millions of records with The Mechanics and around 150 million with Genesis, and for him, Transit-van life has long been history. But probably what hasn’t changed is one of the things you need in order to be that successful. “You need good songs,” he says. “Without a good song you haven’t got a chance.”


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