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How black metallers Ghost Bath found their voice

Depressive black metallers Ghost Bath have shunned lyrics for anguished howls, yet have written a dazzling concept record about angels. Singer Nameless explains all

Some things in life can’t be explained. The Nazca lines in the Peruvian desert; the extinction of the dinosaurs; Piers Morgan – all these things lead to shrugs, ‘what ifs’ and confusion. But what about concepts that can’t even be conveyed through speech? Ideas so large, so multilayered that words would do them a disservice? Feelings of tragedy, the idea of Heaven... these notions aren’t easily translated into English, so why not use a more powerful form of expression?

Enter Iowan post-black metallers Ghost Bath. Instead of using lyrics, they rely on the power of vocal cords. Just as swearing can be a cathartic reaction to pain, unleashing primal screams from deep down in your being will channel real, human emotion into your art. Whether these are noises of joy or anguish, there’s no under- estimating the effects of a guttural release.

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