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The cult of carnage: Revisiting Converge's Jane Doe

With the release of Jane Doe, Boston’s Converge set the blueprint for a new brand of metallic hardcore. Jacob Bannon remembers the chaos and the chemistry behind their caustic breakthrough

Back in 2001, metal was in rude commercial health. Linkin Park and Limp Bizkit had taken nu metal out of dingy clubs and into the world’s stadiums, and Slipknot stunned the world when Iowa reached the summit of the UK album charts. But not everyone was impressed by our shift towards this new breed of rock star. Deep underground, in Boston, Massachusetts, a band were about to unleash an album that couldn’t have been more complex, more raw, more challenging and more at odds with alternative culture’s dalliance with the mainstream. As anyone that heard it at the time knew, Converge had changed the game and Jane Doe was their masterpiece.

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From the archive

From the archive


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