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Oxbow: "We’ve always aimed to link into the human soul, spirit and psyche"

An enigma wrapped up in boxing tape, Oxbow have been simultaneously terrorising and enthralling audiences since the late 80s. Now, after a 10-year hiatus, they’re back

Oxbow. The last thing anyone should attempt is to try to put any sort of finger on what they do. Gutter blues? Experimental noise-rock? Classical grandiosity as filtered through the heroin-addled veins of 60s jazz? Psychedelic waves of sonic torture? Or, as they were once tagged, “The greatest art rock band in the world”? Sure. Why not? But Oxbow are all of that and much, much more. And much, much more confounding in their execution of it; whatever ‘it’ is. No doubt you’ve noticed the calamity and chaos upending the state of political and social affairs at home, in mainland Europe and beyond. While some international unease and turmoil has come on the heels of governments and world events, those in the trenches know it’s more than coincidental that the present-day disarray is rushing in alongside the return of this San Francisco quartet after 10 years of relative quiet.


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