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Reclaiming the light: How Royal Thunder found solace in rock'n'roll

Mlny Parsonz escaped a religious cult and found solace in rock’n’roll. She explains how Royal Thunder helped her to rebuild her personality and work through her darkest demons

It’s 5pm and Mlny Parsonz, Royal Thunder’s vocalist extraordinaire, is lying face down on the floor of the Spinefarm Records offices in west London. Is she suffering from emotional exhaustion, or undergoing some private form of therapy? Nope, she’s up in a flash; clearly replenished from a power nap, she’s chatty and energetic, her off-the-cuff aura of cool and her Southern twang bringing to mind a wise-beyond-their-years character from the cult Love And Rockets comicbook series. These days, she’s seemingly free from the emotional weight she exorcised over the course of three soul-scorching albums and one EP. Full of impassioned vocals, they’re the kind of records many people have found themselves holding onto for dear life.

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From the archive


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