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All Around The World: Rainburn's Vats Iyengar discusses India's prog scene

Frontman and Progworks On Wheels co-founder Vats Iyengar talks about his hopes for prog's place in India

In the seven years between Steven Wilson’s two visits to India – the first with Porcupine Tree – the country’s progressive music scene has come a long way. In 2009, being in a prog band was virtually unheard of, but seven years later, local act Rainburn helped to set up a successful travelling prog festival in India. It’s something that not many people would have put money on. The band’s frontman Vats Iyengar was taken aback by the overwhelming response. “This sort of thing has never been done before in India,” he reveals. “We wanted to give it a real festival vibe, so we added local bands in every city. There were hardcore prog audiences in every city, but a lot of people, not necessarily prog lovers, were drawn to it out of a sense of curiosity.”


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