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Method Men: Meet experimental instrumentalists The Parallax Method

The Parallax Method don’t shy away from wild experimentation and believe that some of the best ideas can come from mistakes. It’s no surprise, then, that they're starting to turn heads...

When the Chelyabinsk meteor burst into the earth’s atmosphere in February 2013, no one had seen it coming. Even for the most astute astronomers, those whose duty it is to identify and track potential meteors as they drift through space, it came as a surprise when the burning ball of fire and rock glided across the morning skyline.

However, through combining video footage taken from the dashcams of cars with the parallax method – which measures distances through triangulation – scientists were able to pinpoint the exact path it took through the cosmos. It led them on an incredible path of discovery about a phenomenon which, while it may have inspired many great works of science fiction, still poses a terrifyingly real threat to humanity. The parallax method and what we learnt from Chelyabinsk could prove vital in our defence against more deadly meteors in future. Its details may be complex, but it’s ultimately fascinating. As such, this band couldn’t have a better name.

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