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Soen on their new album, and how not to be a supergroup

With a third album in tow, Soen are quickly shrugging off the cumbersome supergroup tag. Ex-Opeth drummer Martin Lopez and vocalist Joel Ekelöf invite Prog into their world

Soen drummer Martin Lopez is in a refreshingly honest and upfront mood. He speaks his mind, and, just like his band’s music, isn’t afraid to dip into deeper, darker places.

“We have to keep things special,” he says about the future of the band. “I lost that a few years ago. It was the saddest moment of my life, when I realised everything I dreamed of and worked so hard for, to be a musician and to tour and make a living from music… somewhere along the line I just felt like, ‘This is shit – I’m just doing this because I need to pay the rent.’ Somewhere I got brokenhearted. A few of us have felt that, so we’re really trying to take the right steps with Soen so that we keep our love for the band alive.”

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