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Goldray: "One of the most outrageous things you can do is be a rockstar"

Reef’s former guitarist returns with his new band. Just don’t shout “Drug squad!” near him, okay?

It was only meant to be an informal jam. But when Reef guitarist Kenwyn House and vocalist Leah Rasmussen hooked up in 2008, the fusion of his riffs and her swooping vocals was potent, and their partnership impossible to put back on the shelf. By 2010 the pair had co-written their first music as Goldray, by 2014 House had quit Reef after almost 20 years with the Britrock survivors, and in May Goldray make their full-length debut with the heavy, trippy psych-blues of Rising. “I’m not holding back anything,” House says. “This band is our life.”

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From the archive

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