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UFO's Pete Way reflects on the decade of decadence he spent with Ozzy Osbourne

In this exclusive extract from his forthcoming autobiography, A Fast Ride Out Of Here, the former UFO bassist looks back on the wild times he shared with Ozzy

To this day, what I’m asked more than anything else is if Ozzy Osbourne is as wild as he has appeared to be. The answer to that question is an absolute yes. In my experience, Ozzy was very open, pleasant and funny, but dangerous too. You never knew quite what he was going to do next or who he might upset. It wasn’t as if he went out of his way to annoy anyone, but he liked to have fun at other people’s expense. Every day in Ozzy’s company was an adventure, and I was always numb enough to be able to handle whatever it was that might happen.

There were no limitations whatsoever with regard to what Ozzy was capable of doing. On the one hand, the two of us would have very in-depth conversations about our families and personal lives. On the other, he would turn to me conspiratorially and say, “Pete, what we need is some waffle dust.” Waffle dust was how Ozzy referred to cocaine. I think he saw me as a sort of kindred spirit, and we spent an awful lot of our time together boozing or else looking for waffle dust.

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