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Cory Branan: "It’s not an anti-cop song. It’s supposed to push some buttons"

The Southerner is saying hello again with his "goodbye" album, and also stirring it up with a 'racist cop' song

Straddling country and punk rock, Mississippi singer-songwriter Cory Branan returns with his new album Adios, which he describes as a “loser’s survival kit”. Stuffed with wry storytelling, it tackles a range of subjects including personal bereavement and American racism with a wit that makes the subject matter hit home all the harder. “A lot of the songs are about how temporary things are,” he says. “I just try to find a new way to see things, to find some sort of re-enchantment and something that’s real, more of an authentic experience once the idealism and the veneer’s worn off. That’s what I meant when I called it the loser’s survival kit.”


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