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Fresh Meat: Introducing your new favourite metal bands

Ulsect, The Crawling and Soulrot are the best new bands you should be checking out this month


Dutch metallers detonate some new dynamics

Any band featuring current and past members of Dodecahedron and Textures is going to turn our heads. That’s simply because, before you hear a note of Ulsect’s excellent debut, you can already giddily envisage torturous time-changes and the kind of supreme control over tonal dissonance mastered by Meshuggah or Deathspell Omega.

“There’s an intriguing grey area between what can be perceived as ‘beautiful’ and ‘unacceptable’ in terms of musical tonality,” offers Ulsect co-founder and guitarist Arno Frericks. “We’re fascinated with exploring this dividing line. The contrast between our most dissonant and more consonant passages creates an interesting tension and often forms a turning point that grabs attention. From a rhythmical point of view, we play with shifting patterns to contradict straight- forward parts and to diversify larger sections of a track.”

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