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How Northlane stared sorrow in the face to make their boldest album yet

With new album Mesmer, Northlane have had to navigate death, drugs and addiction to produce their boldest work yet. We find out how they managed to make it through the dark times

The Barber Shop Studios sit on the picturesque Lake Hopatcong, the largest fresh- water body in New Jersey. Last September, when Northlane arrived to record Mesmer with producer David Bendeth (Of Mice & Men, Papa Roach), the leaves were beginning to turn and the vacation season had wound down, bringing a sense of tranquillity to the area. Amid these beautiful surroundings, Northlane would confront some of their most painful thoughts.

“Pretty much from the get-go, David tore us apart and broke down who we were,” says singer Marcus Bridge today, over a Skype call from Sydney, Australia. “I’m a very shy guy, a nervous kind of dude. So for this to happen early in the recording process, it opened me up.”

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