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Why Malevolence's new sound has the scene losing its sh*t

Formed in the north of England but with riffs straight from the US Deep South, Sheffield’s Malevolence are welding a sound that has the scene going crazy

Malevolence evoke the very best whisky-swiggin’, weed-smoking bands that ever swaggered out of states like Texas and New Orleans. Although their King Kong-size riffs are backed by brutal rhythms from the no-frills hardcore playbook, there’s no mistaking their origin. Of course they’re from the Deep South… of Yorkshire.

“Everyone in Malevolence loves metal in general,” explains frontman Alex Taylor. “We all have our own little niches. I’m more into hardcore – older bands like Terror and Madball, as well as the newer bands coming through. But Josh [Baines, guitar] and Konan [Hall, guitar/vocals] are way more into bands like Down, Pantera and Crowbar. That’s where they draw most of their influences from.”

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