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The best new metal albums you can buy this week

Kobra And The Lotus, Voyager and No Sin Evades His Gaze are among the best metal albums you can pick up this week

Kobra And The Lotus - Prevail I

"Opener Gotham melds juggernaut riffs and beautifully contrasting vocals – from crystalline harmonies to operatic wails – courtesy of classically trained frontwoman Kobra Paige, while the middle-eight warcries during lead single TriggerPulse conjure up fantastical Vikings-esque scenes of armour-clad warriors storming battlefields."

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No Sin Evades His Gaze - Endless Disconnect

"These Blackpool tech-metallers have only been a band for two years, which makes Endless Disconnect, with its thundering riffs and elaborate technicality, all the more impressive. That said, it’s no surprise that they’re already on their second album, given the ambitious and progressive nature of their Age Of Sedation debut."

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Seether - Poison The Parish

"Seether are one of those bands whose albums should rightly receive two ratings: one for those with a casual interest, and one for fans. The South Africans are 15 years into an illustrious career built on a particular brand of angsty nu grunge, and it’s something at which they undeniably excel."

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Voyager - Ghost Album

"Australia’s Voyager have never shied away from their poppier sensibilities, so it’s no surprise that their sixth release, Ghost Mile, is plastered with more melody than you can shake an eight-string at. The melodic tech quintet’s earlier material veered towards either anthemic or proggy elements, but by the time 2014’s V rolled around, the band had finely tuned their ability to meld the two together into one glorious whole."

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Ajattara - Lupaus

"Like its seven predecessors, Lupaus’s lyrics are written entirely in his mother tongue, although the repeated use of ‘Satanas’ and a quick overview of some of the title translations turns out to be quite self-explanatory (‘grief’, ‘sacrifice’, ‘oath’ etc). But it’s all about how Koskinen enunciates each syllable with rage, as if the words were being carved into his very skin."

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Sabbath Assembly - Rites Of Passage

"Considering their underlying ethos was always one of transformation, Sabbath Assembly’s steady evolution over the last few years makes sense. Increasingly eschewing the sterile serenity of their first two records, drummer Dave Nuss’s crew have grown in stature and confidence since singer Jamie Myers joined the ranks, and Rites Of Passage is further evidence that a sharper collective identity has led to more distinctive music."

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