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TR+ Singles Club: Low Cut Connie

The TR+ Singles Club: a free download every week. This week: filthy Philly rock’n’soul from Low Cut Connie, with a tribute to Prince...

This week's track comes from Philadelphia's Low Cut Connie. About to release their fourth album, LCC claim to be bringing the boogie back to rock'n'roll, with frontman Adam Weiner's riotous piano playing winning over crowds, celebrity fans and even Barack Obama, who included their song Boozophilia on an official Presidential Spotify playlist back in 2015.

Hang on, Obama likes them? So they're dad-rock?

If you mean 'do they have a keen sense of rock'n'roll history?', then yes – LCC have a wide-eyed love of rock'n'roll to match the E Street Band or the Faces, mixed with the streetwise suss of the Replacements or Marah. But if you mean, 'are they safe and boring whitebread family entertainment?' then fuck, no. The video for stunning new single Revolution Rock'N'Roll is a riot of drunken debauchery and bisexual shagging (and comes in censored and uncensored varieties), while album track Montreal opens with the line, 'All my friends got herpes in Montreal'. It's not exactly Wonderful Tonight.

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OK. The singer plays piano though. I'm not sure about this.

Ah, get over it. This isn't Billy Joel or Elton – think Jerry Lee Lewis or Little Richard: all pumping legs and slamming keys. Just maybe the piano is what puts the roll into rock'n'roll.

And this song is a Prince cover?

Yeah. The band say:

"One year ago, we lost our Prince. He freed our minds and bodies during his time on Earth and made us all feel sexy.

“Hot on the heels of our current top 100 AAA single Revolution Rock'n'Roll, we honor the man with our cover of his brilliant Controversy.

“The song is included on our upcoming LP Dirty Pictures (part 1), which drops worldwide May 19.

"We love you, Prince Rogers Nelson."

OK, I'm in – how do I start?

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