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Royal Trux: “We thought we were avant-garde, but now I guess we’re classic rock"

Neil Young and Mick Jagger in one body, and a stripper/Princeton lecturer: it's alt.rock’s premier power duo

“We started off thinking we were avant-garde, but now I guess we’re classic rock,” drawls Neil Hagerty, former guitarist with Pussy Galore and now one half of Royal Trux. He and Jennifer Herrema – former stripper, face of Calvin Klein’s ‘heroin chic’ campaign and lecturer in southern rock – were alt.rock’s premier power couple, creating a slew of albums comprising left-field noise and deconstructed boogie. They could have been post-Nirvana contenders but they did things their way. Now, 17 years after their last album, RT are back with a live album and a tour.

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From the archive

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