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Galley Beggar: Where folk meets psych-rock

Pastoral folk meets psychedelic rock in the cosmic sounds of Galley Beggar, who have managed to bewitch both prog fans and heavy metal heads alike with their mesmerising music

Ever-rising British six-piece Galley Beggar are openly embracing the heavier end of the cosmic rock sound. The evolution is plain to hear on the band’s new and admirable fourth album Heathen Hymns. But weren’t this Kentish crew supposed to be a folk rock band?

It turns out there may have been some minor misfiling. A bit like a library book that was returned to the wrong section, Galley Beggar will still be found by those who knew them already, and will always tip the hat to such forebears as Fairport Convention and Trees, but now they’re also being discovered by a different set of enquiring minds.

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From the archive


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