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Lonely Robot: Space-themed exploration and sonic sounds

John Mitchell’s Lonely Robot continue their musical exploration with second album The Big Dream. He chats to Prog about meeting his heroes, low self-esteem and his love for soundtracks

Born in Shannon, County Clare in 1973, John Mitchell was adopted and raised in the idyllic village of Hambleden, Berkshire. As a boy, he’d run around a nearby wood with his mates playing guns, and for a while he was plagued by recurring nightmares. One would inspire the cover for The Big Dream, his terrific second outing as Lonely Robot.

“I’d be running through this wood,” he tells Prog, “and I’d be set upon by these terrifying people with animals’ heads. Some people have seen the cover and asked if it’s a homage to Genesis’ Foxtrot, but I don’t really listen to Genesis, so I didn’t make that association. It’s about that dream.”

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