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Solstafir: "A band is a glacier – there's a lot of stuff no one sees"

Just as they began to cause waves outside their native Iceland, Sólstafir were nearly quashed by inter-band relationships. Frontman Aðalbjörn reflects on the band's past and future

“A band is a glacier. You come to the show or you buy the album and you get about 10% of the glacier… but deep down there’s a lot of stuff that no one sees.”

No one ever said that a career in progressive music was an easy option. For a band from the remote terrain of Iceland, the barriers to international recognition must appear to be more daunting than for most, and yet Sólstafir have taken a slow, steady course over the last 22 years, defying the odds along the way and proving that there is an audience for strange, windswept and often heroically epic music played by hirsute, snow-blasted cowboys from the land of geysers, volcanoes and Björk.

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