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Limelight: Meet Kaprekar’s Constant - "We’re trying to work out who we are"

These folk proggers deal in history, mathematics and Van der Graaf worship

The word “collective” conjures up an image of a free-wheeling community – the sort of place where you can buy some wicker sandals for a handful of shells and a back rub. But for Kaprekar’s Constant, it’s a term that has taken on a more practical tilt, with the group free to engage in other projects while still contributing to the “creative entity” that is the band.

“We’re trying to work out what we are in a way,” explains Al Nicholson, one of Kaprekar’s Constant’s founding members. “Most of us have got other projects or things that we do. We wanted them to continue to have the space and time to do that.”

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From the archive


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