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Procol Harum: "We've been going 50 years, it's time to make some effort"

The 50th anniversary of their debut may be approaching, but Procol Harum aren’t slowing down. Prog catches up with frontman Gary Brooker and new lyricist Pete Brown to find out more

When Gary Brooker reappeared for the second half of Procol Harum’s recent Royal Festival Hall show, bandaged but unbowed after a bad stumble, it was almost a metaphor for the defiant way in which the frontman will not let the band’s legacy fade gently into the night.

Barely referring to his injuries beyond a characteristically jokey, absent-minded “got a bit of a broken hand and a broken head”, Brooker proceeded to lead the group to the show’s invigorating completion. Now, as the latter-day line-up of this always-undervalued institution releases the excellent Novum, the first Procol album for 14 years, the soon-to-be-72-year-old knows it’s a record fit to refresh a noble legacy.

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