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Limelight: Meet Edensong, where metal and classical music collide

Metal and classical trains of thought meet to create musical theatre

“I guess if you put Jethro Tull, Dream Theater and Final Fantasy music into a blender, you’d get Edensong,” ponders James Schoen, the New York born vocalist/guitarist who has, over the last 12 years, transformed his band of teenage Rush disciples into an orchestral prog rock monster. It’s an evolution crowned by the band’s second full length album Years In The Garden Of Years. It’s a sprawling, evocative entanglement of gritty, time signature shifting prog metal, folky flourishes and emotively driven film scores, and while the ripples this band have thus far made in the vast ocean of the music industry may be small, their mindset is very much the opposite. Here, they have rearranged a mosaic of familiar sounds to resemble something brimming with inventiveness.

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From the archive

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