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Ocean Grove: "We're trying to change perceptions"

They’ve invented their own genre and even their own universe… but is Ocean Grove’s shtick just wacky bullshit, or is there some method to their madness?

“We’ve played a bunch of gigs over the years, but I’ve only kept posters from the highlights,” smiles Ocean Grove singer Luke Holmes. “Once we played in a strip club, and another time we played this burned-down fish and chip shop.”

Playing shows in gentlemen’s establishments and charred fast-food outlets might seem like strange career highlights for a band who have been nominated for a Metal Hammer Golden God Award, and whose debut album, The Rhapsody Tapes, hit the Top Five in their native Australia in February. But as Luke reveals, Ocean Grove aren’t your average metal band. The Melbourne crew have spent the last seven years making a name for themselves by touring relentlessly and releasing a series of EPs while honing their frankly unique sound: a scattershot cocktail of hardcore, nu metal, grunge, alt-rock and electronic hip-hop.

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