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The secret world of SiKth's Mikee Goodman

He sees demons and ‘Flower Beings’, and he’s poured his unique energies into Sikth’s first album for 11 years. Welcome inside the mind of Mikee Goodman...

Sometimes Mikee Goodman sees demons when he’s walking down the street. Not like William Blake and his angels or the kid from The Sixth Sense who can’t move for dead people.

No, the demons Sikth’s co-vocalist and lyricist sees are metaphorical ones. It might be the gang of teens on the corner waiting to jump him or the guy passing by with a malevolent glint in his eye, thinking unthinkable thoughts. These are the demons Mikee Goodman is talking about. They might not have horns and fangs and flaming tridents, but the danger they offer is real. At least in his head.

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From the archive

From the archive


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