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Vallenfyre: "The first album was so personal I didn't want to release it"

Forged from personal loss, death metal supergroup Vallenfyre have since become a source of liberation for founder Greg Mackintosh

"It’s a continuing midlife crisis, that’s what it is. Hey, I even shaved my head about four weeks ago and now it’s about half an inch long and bleached white. I guess I’m just trying to be 12 again or something…”

In the midst of a two-week holiday in the US after completing the forthcoming Paradise Lost album, the ever-sarcastic Gregor Mackintosh is slightly bemused by any attempt to unravel the big scheme behind his other band, Vallenfyre. “The whole thing was very spontaneous,” he insists, “and continues to be. While with Paradise Lost you still have to be involved in the music industry to a certain degree, here I do what I want, when I want. I don’t need to please anybody else but me. It’s very liberating.”

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