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"We were a f**king livewire": 25 years of Rage Against The Machine

In 1992, four young, rebellious outcasts released an album that would change heavy music forever. 25 years since RATM's debut blew a hole in the metal status quo, we revisit the album

It was early evening on Sunday, February 21, 1993 when the balloon went up. To the majority of people listening to Radio 1’s weekly chart rundown, the name Rage Against The Machine meant nothing. Why would it? A brand new band mixing metal and hip hop like no one had done before, they’d yet to make an impact outside of the nation’s rock clubs or the stereos of the more clued-in metal fan.

And so, when presenter Bruno Brookes cheerfully announced that their new single, Killing In The Name, had entered the charts at No.27 and cued the song up, neither he nor several million listeners knew what was about to happen.

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From the archive

From the archive


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