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Tommy Stinson: "I learned from being in a band with Axl Rose in many ways"

GN’R and Replacements man Tommy Stinson returns to his side project Bash and Pop, some 23 years after their last album

“Read it? Idon’t have to – I lived it!” That’s Tommy Stinson’s answer when asked if he’s familiar with Trouble Boys, Bob Mehr’s biography of Stinson’s former band The Replacements. It turns out he hasn’t. One day someone will write Stinson’s biography, and his time as bass player with The Mats (as The Replacements are known by their fans) will be only part of it. He also spent nearly 17 years with Guns N’ Roses, and has accumulated an extensive CV of side projects, including Bash & Pop, who released their debut album in 1994. Twenty-three years later, they’re back with a second.

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From the archive


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