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We try out the Moon 888 hi-fi amplifier from Simaudio

The Moon 888 from Simaudio might just have grasped the holy grail for hi-fi amplifiers

Many people have pondered over what might be achievable when technical excellence, uninhibited imagination and unlimited funds come together. Opportunities for that to happen are rare, results that justify it even more so. Tipped hats, a bubbly toast, a 21-gun salute and a mighty “Wow!” then, to highly respected Canadian hi-fi ninjas Simaudio for having had the wherewithall – and the balls – to put their money where their vision was and produce the Moon 888: an object of desire that stakes a loud claim to be, in Carlsberg parlance, probably the best hi-fi amplifier in the world. “Get the best components on the planet, spend whatever it takes” said the suits. “Oooh!” said the white lab coats.

The Best Of The Best

Cream were the most super of all supergroups

When it comes to creating something from the very best components around, the band that did it first was Cream (pictured) in 1966, forming what was the very first, and definitive, supergroup. Many so-called supergroups have come and gone since then (Blind Faith, Emerson Lake & Palmer, Asia, Transatlantic, Chickenfoot, the Dead Weather…), but there’s a strong argument that Cream – drummer Ginger Baker, guitarist Eric Clapton and bassist Jack Bruce – was the only one where each of the musicians involved really was the very best in their field.

A rock band with pop sensibilities in the studio, an outrageously capable improvisational jazz trio playing live, Cream lasted just three years before they imploded in 1968, leaving behind some classic albums. More importantly, they inspired so many others by showing what is possible when imagination, desire and supreme talent come together.

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